A Note on Self-Care + Forever 21 Athleisure Deals

If you're just here for the fabulous Forever 21 deals, no judgement here! Feel free to skip my little self-care blurb at the beginning and jump right to the cute clothes. And no, this post isn't sponsored - I'm just really into epic sales!
Self-care means different things to different people. It can look like biweekly manicures, attending yoga classes, or just taking time to enjoy your favorite hobby. Self-care is by no means a new concept and actually dates back to the Ancient Greeks (as discussed in this NPR article). While some feel that self-care is a bit, well, selfish, others feel that it helps promote emotional intelligence. You can read more about self-care here, here, and here!

Lately, I've started on my own self-care journey. I started getting my nails done again, began going to the gym Monday - Friday, introduced mindfulness into my daily life, and tried to focus more establishing routines. I'm not going to pretend that these practices have made my life perfect nor will I pretend that I'm successful in practicing all of my self-care routines every day BUT I will say it's helped. 

One of the biggest shifts I've made is going to the gym in the mornings before work. If anyone would have ever told me that an hour at the gym in the morning would make me feel more energetic than an extra hour of sleep, I would have laughed in their face. Now I am the one proselytizing morning workouts (but promise not to judge the laughers). Working out has improved my energy, mood, sleep, and productivity. What a revelation, right? I know, you've never read anything like this on the internet ever before.

Since working out daily is now part of my routine and not just some kick I'm on, I decided to indulge in some fun workout clothes. I went to Forever 21 earlier this week and found lots of cute leggings, sports bras, and tops substantially marked down (we're talking 50 - 70% off) and went a little nuts. The quality really surprised me - everything felt supportive and like something I'd would expect to pay substantially more for. Today saw that they not only did Forever 21 have their athletic-wear on sale but also had a bogo deal going on! Thank goodness 2018 is coming up all athleisure in the trend reports because I'm officially stocked-up.

Today through January 15th, Forever 21 is offering buy one get one free deals on ALL of their sale items (not just athletic wear)! I've linked all the items I purchased online below and also included a few additional sale items I found too. Like I said earlier, this post isn't sponsored, I was just blown away by the good deals. I ended up ordering a sports bra, sweatshirt, and six pairs of leggings for $62! Crazy, right? Oh also, if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping. How perfect is that?

Read on for some of my favorite finds and make sure to check out Forever21.com for all of their awesome bogo sale deals! Everything I've linked below is under $20 (and even less if you take advantage of this sale)! Remember the bogo sale is just through January 15th!

Which pieces are your favorite? Did you nab any awesome deals during this Forever 21 sale? Sound off in the comments below or over on Instagram and Facebook!

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