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The Most Excited I've Ever Been About Candles

You know me - when I get excited about something I go all in. And when that exciting something ends up being 1) Good for the environment, 2) Cost effective, and 3) Creative and beautiful, I get even more amped up! That's exactly what happened when EJ of Untamed Supply and I met to chat about the new candle refill program they're launching at Fetch in Kansas City's West Bottoms.

Thanks to Untamed Supply for sponsoring this post but, please note, all the opinions expressed are my own. This post does also contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on some of the products linked.

Shop some vessel inspiration here!

Come by Fetch THIS Saturday, February 1 between 12 - 4 pm and BYOV (Bring Your Own Vessel) to turn into a candle! EJ of Untamed Supply will be there filling 4 super wonderful scents live:

This vibrant and uniquely scented candle gets its name from Moab, Utah the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. An infusion of crisp citrus, floral, and woody musk lend their beauty to this wild scent as it invites you to savor the monumental grandeur of these two unique parks.

Enjoying fresh fir during the holidays is a rare experience. You'll be thrown back into vivid memories of the holidays with its crisp, clean, and calming scent.

This harmonious scent blends sweet, earthy, and lush profiles into a fragrance that is as delicious as the first sun ripened pear of the season.

This woodsy, gorgeously scented candle is inspired by aspen leaves shimmering in the cool Rocky Mountain breeze. This rustic blend of black pepper, jasmine, and cardamom peacefully invites you to get lost and enjoy the tranquility of an Aspen grove.

Mid Coast Modern & Soap Bar

With only 6 days until Hanukkah and 9 days until Christmas, it's time to wrap up all the holiday shopping ASAP! Rather than turning to Amazon during this stressful time, I think it's way better to explore local businesses right here in KC, particularly Mid Coast Modern and Soap Bar!

I popped by Mid Coast Modern and Soap Bar last week (conveniently located just a couple doors away from each other in Westport) to explore all the nifty gifties they have available in store. I found a TREASURE TROVE of locally produced and curated products that will fit the bill for anyone on your holiday shopping list - keep scrolling to see more! Oh, and if you are planning on popping by Mid Coast Modern or Soap Bar you can find their addresses and hours below!

Mon-Fri 11-6 / Sat 10-6 / Sun 10-3
314 Westport Road KCMO 64111

Mon-Fri 11-6 / Sat 10-6 / Sun 10-3
318 Westport Road Kansas City MO 64111

Mid Coast Modern

Mid Coast Modern carries all kinds of amazing products from home goods to apparel, jewelry to artwork, limited edition gifts to design-forward greeting cards! They support local makers, artists, and indie businesses across the Midwest so there's always a fresh selection of goodies.

Soap Bar

The home of Bear Soap Company, Soap Bar offers a wide range of artisan, small batch personal care products from across the US. You can find bath bombs, face masks, skincare products, bath salts, shave butter, smudging supplies, and so much more! The Bear Soap Co. shower steamers are my absolute favorite - they're basically a bath bomb for your shower and smell incredible.

I hope you swing by Mid Coast Modern and Soap Bar during your holiday shopping, you're going to just love them!

Lash Transformation by Uptown Lashes

What if I told you you could get the lashes you always dreamed of in just a couple clicks - sounds like magic, right? It's better than magic, it's true! Uptown Lashes is here to give you amazing lashes; all you have to do is make an appointment online and show up. You've probably heard a lot about lash extensions lately and I'm here to give you the full breakdown on my experience. Thank you so much to Andrea of Uptown Lashes for gifting me this experience, it's been amazing!

Let's start by talking about the three types of lash extension styles available 

Classic: one lash extension to one natural lash

Volume: two - six lash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash hair

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Andrea creates completely unique, customized looks to suit each client's specific lashes, eye shape, and lifestyle. The lashes Andrea uses hold their curl and aren't unnaturally glossy like other synthetic lashes can be which I really loved too!

The Time

When you think about how much time you spend every single day trying to make your lashes perfect, it makes the initial time investment and upkeep appointments seem like nothing.
  • A full set typically takes about two - three hours
  • Fills typically take about an hour
  • After the initial full set, the maintenance is essentially like getting your nails done; typically people go in weekly or biweekly for fills
  • BONUS: You can nap during your appointment!

The Pricing

  • You'll receive a complementary patch test to ensure you don't have any kind of reaction to the lash glue which I think is an awesome idea (particularly if you have sensitive skin)
  • A classic full set is $150, a volume full set is $225
  • Classic lash fills range from $25 - $100 depending upon the amount of time between your initial set application and fill as well as your lash retention; volume lash fills are $85 and you must have 40% of your lash extensions remaining

My Tips and Tricks

  • You CAN get your lashes wet and you'll want to wash them every few days or so in order to keep them clean and healthy (I like to wash mine in the shower)
  • Using a soft brush and being gentle when washing is imperative, don't scrub or pull on your lashes
  • Andrea has all the supplies you need to make sure the products you're using on your lashes won't break down the adhesive or irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes
  • You can use a hairdryer (no heat, low speed) to dry your lashes after washing or to help fluff them up if they need fluffing
  • Don't use any kind of cotton products near your lashes as the cotton strands can get caught in your lash extensions
  • Avoid touching your face and don't rub your eyes
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase to keep cotton away from your lashes (added bonus: satin and silk are way more gentle on your skin and hair than cotton)
  • Avoid any kind of oil-based eye products near your lashes and don't apply foundation or concealer to your eyelid or anywhere your lash extensions will have repeated contact with; oil is the enemy of lash adhesive!
  • If you wear eye makeup with your lash extensions make sure that you do remove it carefully afterward using an oil-free makeup remover and a non-cotton tool like a lip gloss wand (the no cotton rule means no q-tips allowed near your lashes)
  • Powder products are fine to use on your eyelids but be careful of cream-based products as they can contain oil; if you do use powder and it drops onto your lashes just use a spoolie to knock the powder loose or use a blow dryer on low to get rid of the excess powder
  • Use a lash extensions safe mascara on your bottom lashes and never a waterproof mascara with lash extensions as those products contain more oil
  • You can apply mascara to the ends of your lashes/lash extensions if you would like but be careful  not to get mascara near the site where the lash extensions are adhered to your natural lash as this can negatively impact retention
  • Use a spoolie that has a cover so that contaminants or threads don't transfer from the spoolie onto your lashes; I like to keep one of these spoolies in my purse too so that I can fluff my lashes up throughout the day

Who Lash Extensions Are For

Anyone! Lash extensions are a great way to get a gussied-up look with very little day-to-day effort. For those who frequently wear strip lashes, I'd highly recommend exploring lash extensions! Lash extensions are much lighter weight and less damaging than strip lashes can be too.

Since I started getting my lashes done, I've noticed that I've been wearing less and less makeup. Lash extensions really have a way of brightening up your face and are a mega confidence boost! For those who don't typically wear makeup, lash extensions are a great way to get the look of eye makeup without you having to do anything other than going to your appointment!

Why See Andrea at Uptown Lashes

  • Andrea creates a completely custom look and boutique experience for each client
  • You want a perfectionist working on your eyelashes and Andrea definitely has that wonderful perfectionist quality
  • Andrea is great about giving feedback on your lash retention when you go in for fills so that if there are issues they can be quickly corrected

Final Thoughts

  • I've saved so much time day-to-day when it comes to getting ready
  • My lashes are noticeable in the best possible way and everyone always complements/wants details on where I get them done (that's why you go to someone as experienced and talented as Andrea)
  • Every day I wake up feeling beautiful and pampered which is so dang nice

So what do you think, will you give lash extensions a try? Head on over to the Uptown Lashes website and make your appointment now!

2020 Refresh Weekly Planner

I can't believe it's this time of year again - time to bust out my brand new 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery! If you're looking to start this brand new decade off right, look no further than this marvelous planner designed by my dear friend Jenna.

Not only does the 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner have space for you to plan out your weeks, it also has a strategic goal planning framework guide, space for weekly action steps and gratitude notes, a built-in notebook with lined pages, a 2020 holiday list, and so much more! This planner is designed to help you minimize daily chaos and get back to an organized, intentional, and productive life. Thank you so much Jenna for sending me a 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner to start using, it truly makes such a difference in my life!

Toward the end of each year I always look forward to the reveal of the new Refresh Weekly Planner cover designs. This year there are three gorgeous options to choose from - the Ellis, the Kennedy, and the Mila! The Mila design was named after Jenna's brand new, incredibly adorable, baby girl and is a sweet lavender floral pattern. The Kennedy is a perfectly sophisticated beautiful blue/gray striped seersucker pattern and the Ellis is the black and white grid patterned option that's making a return from last year. Don't judge but I did go ahead and pick the same cover design that I did for 2019 - I just can't say no to the black and white pattern on the Ellis!

One of the things that I adore about the 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner is that it has December 2019 included. With the craziness of the holidays it's so nice to have a place to jot down all the things you need to remember AND it's great to get a jump-start on 2020 planning. I'm not great about sitting down and planning out my goals but Jenna makes the process so approachable. Right at the beginning of the planner you'll dive into guided worksheets that are so helpful they'll make you excited about goal-setting!

Here's what's included in the 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner:

Three cover design options!
Strategic goal planning framework
Yearly, monthly, and weekly views
December 2019 included (bonus month!)
Weekly layout featuring dual task + commitment planning
Equal space for each day of the week
Intentional space highlighting weekly action steps + gratitude notes
2020 holiday list
Built-in notebook with lined notes pages
Additional Features + Specs
13-month format (December 2019 – December 2020)
6.875" x 8.5" (including wire binding)
110 sheets (220 printed pages)
Approximately 1" thick
Paper weight: 106# / 157gsm
Gold wire-o binding
Lay-flat design
Hard covers with matte, soft touch finish
Gold protective corners
Interior pocket

With all that goodness inside I'm sure you're dying to get your hands on one! The 2020 Refresh Weekly Planner is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. I mean, honestly, is there a better gift than the gift of an organized, more productive life?

If you're looking for other organizational goodies check out all of the Workspacery products here and sign up for Jenna's Five-Minute Monday emails here to get every week started with a dose of motivation! When you sign up you'll also get 15% off your first order. How amazing is that?

Happy planning!

Target Holiday Sales & Gift Ideas!

Alright, I didn't think I'd do any gift guides this year BUT the Target sales right now are just too good to miss! My family and I are skipping the gift-giving this Christmas and instead focusing on spending time together. I'm so excited, it honestly takes so much of the pressure off of everyone and I cannot wait to bake cookies, play games, and make memories together!

Okay, now back to the deals.

Shop this picture here!

Target has lots of BOGO 50% off deals right now across beauty and holiday pet goodies AND they also have lots of women's sweaters up to 50% off! Check out my favorite finds below, the main thing I had to snatch are the adorable buffalo check dog collars for Finn and Jake - I'll be able to grab two of them for under $12!

I also went ahead and included some Target holiday decor, fun mugs, and other gift ideas too! Keep scrolling to check it all out! Also, FYI if you decide to buy through my links I'll receive a small commission. I really appreciate the support to keep this blog going!




More Nifty Gifties
Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Holiday Fun
Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

Shop this picture here!

That's it for now - happy holidays!

Fall Trends: Mauve Coats, White Boots

Mauve on over boring winter coats, fun new colors and textures are here to stay! My very favorite cold-weather piece in my wardrobe (and the one that gets the most complements)? Definitely my Feeling of Warmth Faux Fur Longline Coat in mauve. It's incredibly cozy, accommodates chunky sweaters super well, and has been surprisingly versatile! Plus, it comes in five different colors (black, brown, mauve, sand, and gray) AND is 40% off right now making it only $59.90. I can't recommend this coat highly enough, it is so wonderful! I snagged it in a large to have more wiggle room in the sleeves and feel it runs pretty true to size.

FYI Chicwish sent me this coat and JustFab sent me these boots to share with you! I only collaborate with brands I love and, if you shop through my links, I will receive a small commission if you decide to buy the items.

White boots are another trend I've fully embraced and I love the western flair of my newest pair from JustFab! The Talah Western Booties have held up incredibly well so far (I've worn them nearly every day for the past 2+ weeks) and run true to size/fit perfectly with socks! These boots are a fantastic dupe for the sold-out-everywhere Sam Edelman Winona boots and have been a solid go-to option this fall. The Talah Western Booties also come in black and snakeskin too! You can snag your first pair of shoes from @JustFabOnline for as low as $10 when you become a VIP member! Regularly they're only $59.95 so either way you're getting a great deal. JustFab has so many styles, sizes, and widths available too - there’s truly something for everyone!

Even though these pieces are pretty trendy, I feel like they've paired well with a lot of items in my wardrobe! I recently snagged this sweater from H&M (under $20 reg. price) and absolutely loved it with the Chicwish coat and JustFab boots! If you're just getting into statement pieces like these, I always recommend purchasing them in a neutral color or pairing them with other neutral pieces. As you feel more confident wearing statement pieces you can become even more bold with your color choices, color combos, and layering!

What cold-weather trends are you trying right now? Do you think colorful coats or white boots will make their way into your wardrobe anytime soon?

One Pattered Maxi Skirt 3+ Ways!

Things that can be scary:

Things that shouldn't be scary:

FYI Chicwish sent me these items to share with you! I only collaborate with brands I love and, if you shop through my links, I will receive a small commission if you decide to buy the items.

I'll admit, when I first saw this skirt I had two main thoughts: "I love you!" and "Do I know how to style you?" I really wasn't sure I'd know what to pair with such a bold skirt BUT since receiving it I've worn it so many ways. I'm going to break down three super chic and easily put together options in this post. Keep an eye on my feed and stories to see the skirt styled other ways too!

1. Layer it up

This is the perfect way to wear this skirt year round and the recipe is simple:
- A basic top or bodysuit
- A jacket or coat
- Boots or heels

For this look I threw on my favorite black bodysuit from Array in Kansas City (similar here), a moto denim jacket from Nasty Gal, and some mule boots from Target last year (similar here)! This look is laid back, chic, comfortable, and easily dressed up or down. It's also great on days where it feels like winter in the morning and summer by midday (something that is essential when you're trying to survive in the Midwest)! The bodysuit is perfect year round but there are lots of other top options too for this exact same outfit:
- a crop top instead of a bodysuit in the summer
- a band tee or graphic tee in the fall worn tucked-in, tied, or tucked into your bra (seriously, that's my new fave way to wear tees right now)
- with a black turtleneck tucked in in the winter

Your outfit can stay the exact same (jacket, skirt, and shoes), just swap out the top and you have a totally different look!

2. Sweater/sweatshirt

This is a look I never thought I'd be able to pull off:
- sweatshirt/chunky sweater
- dad shoes

But, look at me, I'm pulling it off and maybe totally in love? These dad shoes (from Walmart believe it or not) are COMFY and really pop underneath the maxi skirt. You could swap these out for Converse if you're not loving the trend or get even crazier and find some neon dad sneaks for an even bolder pop! Walmart had this exact same pair of shoes too in black which would be a tad more subtle while still being 1) comfy 2) very on trend. Also, life hack for white shoes: use Oxyclean to clean them up! It seriously works - Corey has been using it on his Converse for years and it always works like a charm.

Something that has steered me away from trying this look is the fear that it would detract from my waist. I always worry silhouettes like this will just make me look really big and blobby. But, by using my new favorite tuck-your-top-into-your-bra-trick, it looks pretty dang flattering and put together! The trick really is just that you tuck the bottom edge of your sweater/sweatshirt up into your bra in the front. It's that easy! This sweatshirt is from H&M (out of stock online, another fun option here) and I just love how simultaneously cozy and chic it is. The glittery detail on the letters definitely helps make it more feminine but, overall, I think it'd be a cute look with or without the sparkle!

Some other ideas on tops you could wear and achieve the same look:
- a basic sweatshirt tucked or tied
- a cropped sweatshirt that's basic or has a cute graphic/logo
- a collegiate sweatshirt with a school seal or your favorite team logo/name

3. Back to basics

When it doubt, go with a classic look!
- tailored/form fitting sweater
- felt Panama hat
- ankle boots (bonus points if they're white or add a pop of color)

This is a very safe outfit for me - I love wearing fitted sweaters, heels, and hats! When I got this skirt, this was one of the first ways I envisioned wearing it (which is why I picked the Chicwish Glam V-neck Ribbed Top in white during my Chicwish collab too). It's simple but feminine and oh-so perfectly suited for fall or winter. I also had to bust out my favorite white JustFab Katherine Slingback Booties too. They're such a perfect, bright pop with the skirt and really make the outfit feel chic! Basically any fitted sweater would look lovely with this skirt - I have some Target options I'm dying to pair it with as well! I snagged my hat in the Target Dollar Spot earlier this fall but this hat is super similar and has amazing reviews! You could also really punch up the look by picking a colorful hat or some pumps too!

See? That wasn't so painful! And now you have like 15 more ways you can wear that patterned skirt you're not so sure about!

Happy styling!