Friday Favorites - Flu Edition

Influenza has finally infected The Austen Abode and with Missouri being the epicenter of the epidemic it was really only a matter of time. Corey was talking with his mom Tuesday night and she told him that the schools in Boonville, MO (his home town) had to close because 70% of the students and faculty were sick. This stuff is nasty!

Last Friday I thought I was starting to come down with a cold and had the normal sneezing/runny nose/tiredness going on. By Sunday I'd developed a cough and by Monday my symptoms had converged leaving me a red-eyed, phlegmy disaster. Monday evening I finally checked my temperature and surprisingly had a fever. By sheer coincidence, I had an appointment scheduled with my general practitioner for the next morning. Talk about great timing - I'd made the appointment a month and without the slightest clue I'd be sick when I went! My doctor was awesome and quickly strapped a face mask on me, did a quick flu test, and confirmed that I did have Type A Influenza. They put me on Tamiflu and also prescribed Corey a prophylactic dose of Tamiflu to reduce his of contracting the virus. The doctor also said that I need to get lots of rest and fluid as well as quarantine myself till Sunday. Not the way I thought my week was going to go!

So, considering the fact that almost everyone is battling some sort of illness right now, I thought I'd do a little Flu Edition of my Friday Favorites! 

Favorite Things You Can Buy:

Seriously, the products above have been my life this week. Thankfully with Tamiflu I can still take my favorite flu-battling medications too - good ol' Tussin DM and ibuprofen. I also had Corey grab some face masks from the store because of all the coughing and sneezing I'm doing. I'm so worried about him catching this stuff that I've worn them nonstop (even while sleeping)! Popsicles are also a solid choice for getting some extra liquid and Corey thought bomb pops were the most fun choice.

Some other things I haven't been able to go without this week is my cozy sleep shirt, ultra-soft blanket, trusty tumbler, and ultra-hydrating lotion. Seriously, the tumbler I linked up there is my absolute fave! It keeps things super hot or super cold for 12+ hours which is perfect when you're laid up on the couch. Also, I snagged up that lotion from Target after the holidays - it smells so lovely and is super moisturizing. I highly recommend it!

Favorite Things You Can't Buy
(& that I'm thankful to have)
- puppy + kitty snuggles
- a loving husband who has taken awesome care of me
- The Office/The Game Theorists to watch
- a comfy couch in the game room to camp out on
- an awesome doctor who gave me a quick diagnosis & was super empathetic 
Stay healthy everyone!

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