The Strawberry Swing Spring Swing!

The Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair is basically Etsy in real life.
Not only is The Strawberry Swing one of the best craft fairs in the Midwest but it was also recognized by Buzzfeed as one of the top Indie Craft Fairs worldwide! There are "swings" during each season - spring, summer, fall, and winter. The Spring Swing was May 6th and 7th and it could not have been more perfect! From the weather to the vendors to the music, everything was splendid!

One of my favorite parts about going to The Strawberry Swing is getting the chance to connect in real life with people I would otherwise only know online. I've had the chance to make so many friends and have some super exciting collaborations coming soon to the blog! 
Read on for some of my favorite vendors from the Spring Swing!

Tigersheep Friends
Sarah and Colin Walsh are two of the coolest, goofiest, most awesome individuals I have ever met! I first met this rad pair when Tay had me tag along to their house for some business pics (she thought they could be murderers so I was there to protect her, I'm super intimidating as I'm sure everyone can tell). Anywho, when I saw that Sarah and Colin were going to be at The Swing, I was thrilled! I got to introduce Corey (the hubs) to them, and we laughed a lot and talked about our pet's nicknames for longer than what is probably deemed socially acceptable. It was the best! Now, on to their work. These two are some seriously talented artists.
I particularly love anything that involves cats, plants, and/or empowering messages so their work is right up my alley. Their style is sort of Nordic, sometimes abstract, definitely colorful, and always intriguingly beautiful. I had to snatch up an enamel pin to add to my collection and also picked up a lovely print of a Hawthorne, the State Flower of Missouri (they have other state flower prints too)!
Instagram: @tigersheep_friends
EB Leatherworks
If minimalist flair is a style, this shop has it down pat. Emily is the mastermind behind the EB Leatherworks shop where sleek earrings, leather goods, and cheeky mugs and keychains come together! I met Emily at First Fridays not too long ago and we've been working on some really fun collaborations ever since. I'm also super excited to help out with her booth at Boulevardia in June!
Instagram: @ebleatherworks
Alyissa Letters
I have such a thing for handlettering. Brush calligraphy, big typography, traditional calligraphy, it's all just lovely! Alyissa Letters is a one stop shop for so many different lettering styles and I'm completely in love! She has prints, wooden cutouts, and inspiring messages galore! I bought my sister a print for graduation from her shop that says "Change the world by being yourself" - a perfect message for an inspiring young woman just starting law school! Keep an eye out for Alyissa at Boulevardia too - she's sharing a booth with EB Leatherworks!
Instagram: @alyissaj
Earthen Vessel
I absolutely love, love, love keeping up with Jami of Earthen Vessel! Not only does she create the most gorgeous jewelry from beautiful, natural elements but she also curates and rehabs amazing vintage pieces. It's always the highlight of my First Friday weekend when I get to stop by her adorable corner at Bella Patina! Definitely make sure to check her out!
Instagram: @iamearthenvessel
Hook and Loop Pennants
When I first spied Hook and Loop Pennants' booth at the Holiday Swing, I completely freaked out. As in, I may have pushed several people out of the way to get to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg pennant I saw. This shop is filled to the brim with incredibly clever pop culture references and a smattering of baseball pride. I've bought a Bill Nye print, a Neil deGrasse Tyson pennant, a mini Ruth Bader Ginsburg pennant, a Muggle patch, an itty bitty Salvy pennant (our amazing Royals catcher), and a super cute K-9 pennant (Doctor Who reference). They literally have a working gumball machine that dispenses tiny lilttle pennants, how awesome is that?! I always find something I love in this shop!
Instagram: @hookandloop_pennants
Flow West Print and Apparel
If you like French Bulldogs, pop culture, Harry Potter, or KC Pride pieces you have to check out this shop! Corey and I had to get the cute little French Bulldog Geek Dog stickers for our laptops because there are SO MANY amazing references crammed into one cute little illustration. I cannot get over how perfect this shop is!
Instagram: @flowwestprintandapparel
Goodafternoonan is the perfect place to shop for the animal lover in your life! They have everything from cat magnets to dog lapel pins to llama thank you notes. Seriously, there's something for everyone in this adorable shop!
Instagram: @good_afternoonan
Panda Bear Candles
I have a total weakness for candles, especially when they're poured into adorable vintage cups and dishes! Panda Bear Candles' booth was arranged adorably (and they have some incredibly cute business cards). The best part of this shop? The candles smell as amazing as they look!
Instagram: @pandabearcandles
Have you ever been to The Strawberry Swing? What are your favorite annual events? Leave a comment below or find me on Instagram @annie_austen

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