The Most Excited I've Ever Been About Candles

You know me - when I get excited about something I go all in. And when that exciting something ends up being 1) Good for the environment, 2) Cost effective, and 3) Creative and beautiful, I get even more amped up! That's exactly what happened when EJ of Untamed Supply and I met to chat about the new candle refill program they're launching at Fetch in Kansas City's West Bottoms.

Thanks to Untamed Supply for sponsoring this post but, please note, all the opinions expressed are my own. This post does also contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission on some of the products linked.

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Come by Fetch THIS Saturday, February 1 between 12 - 4 pm and BYOV (Bring Your Own Vessel) to turn into a candle! EJ of Untamed Supply will be there filling 4 super wonderful scents live:

This vibrant and uniquely scented candle gets its name from Moab, Utah the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. An infusion of crisp citrus, floral, and woody musk lend their beauty to this wild scent as it invites you to savor the monumental grandeur of these two unique parks.

Enjoying fresh fir during the holidays is a rare experience. You'll be thrown back into vivid memories of the holidays with its crisp, clean, and calming scent.

This harmonious scent blends sweet, earthy, and lush profiles into a fragrance that is as delicious as the first sun ripened pear of the season.

This woodsy, gorgeously scented candle is inspired by aspen leaves shimmering in the cool Rocky Mountain breeze. This rustic blend of black pepper, jasmine, and cardamom peacefully invites you to get lost and enjoy the tranquility of an Aspen grove.