Lash Transformation by Uptown Lashes

What if I told you you could get the lashes you always dreamed of in just a couple clicks - sounds like magic, right? It's better than magic, it's true! Uptown Lashes is here to give you amazing lashes; all you have to do is make an appointment online and show up. You've probably heard a lot about lash extensions lately and I'm here to give you the full breakdown on my experience. Thank you so much to Andrea of Uptown Lashes for gifting me this experience, it's been amazing!

Let's start by talking about the three types of lash extension styles available 

Classic: one lash extension to one natural lash

Volume: two - six lash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash hair

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Andrea creates completely unique, customized looks to suit each client's specific lashes, eye shape, and lifestyle. The lashes Andrea uses hold their curl and aren't unnaturally glossy like other synthetic lashes can be which I really loved too!

The Time

When you think about how much time you spend every single day trying to make your lashes perfect, it makes the initial time investment and upkeep appointments seem like nothing.
  • A full set typically takes about two - three hours
  • Fills typically take about an hour
  • After the initial full set, the maintenance is essentially like getting your nails done; typically people go in weekly or biweekly for fills
  • BONUS: You can nap during your appointment!

The Pricing

  • You'll receive a complementary patch test to ensure you don't have any kind of reaction to the lash glue which I think is an awesome idea (particularly if you have sensitive skin)
  • A classic full set is $150, a volume full set is $225
  • Classic lash fills range from $25 - $100 depending upon the amount of time between your initial set application and fill as well as your lash retention; volume lash fills are $85 and you must have 40% of your lash extensions remaining

My Tips and Tricks

  • You CAN get your lashes wet and you'll want to wash them every few days or so in order to keep them clean and healthy (I like to wash mine in the shower)
  • Using a soft brush and being gentle when washing is imperative, don't scrub or pull on your lashes
  • Andrea has all the supplies you need to make sure the products you're using on your lashes won't break down the adhesive or irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes
  • You can use a hairdryer (no heat, low speed) to dry your lashes after washing or to help fluff them up if they need fluffing
  • Don't use any kind of cotton products near your lashes as the cotton strands can get caught in your lash extensions
  • Avoid touching your face and don't rub your eyes
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase to keep cotton away from your lashes (added bonus: satin and silk are way more gentle on your skin and hair than cotton)
  • Avoid any kind of oil-based eye products near your lashes and don't apply foundation or concealer to your eyelid or anywhere your lash extensions will have repeated contact with; oil is the enemy of lash adhesive!
  • If you wear eye makeup with your lash extensions make sure that you do remove it carefully afterward using an oil-free makeup remover and a non-cotton tool like a lip gloss wand (the no cotton rule means no q-tips allowed near your lashes)
  • Powder products are fine to use on your eyelids but be careful of cream-based products as they can contain oil; if you do use powder and it drops onto your lashes just use a spoolie to knock the powder loose or use a blow dryer on low to get rid of the excess powder
  • Use a lash extensions safe mascara on your bottom lashes and never a waterproof mascara with lash extensions as those products contain more oil
  • You can apply mascara to the ends of your lashes/lash extensions if you would like but be careful  not to get mascara near the site where the lash extensions are adhered to your natural lash as this can negatively impact retention
  • Use a spoolie that has a cover so that contaminants or threads don't transfer from the spoolie onto your lashes; I like to keep one of these spoolies in my purse too so that I can fluff my lashes up throughout the day

Who Lash Extensions Are For

Anyone! Lash extensions are a great way to get a gussied-up look with very little day-to-day effort. For those who frequently wear strip lashes, I'd highly recommend exploring lash extensions! Lash extensions are much lighter weight and less damaging than strip lashes can be too.

Since I started getting my lashes done, I've noticed that I've been wearing less and less makeup. Lash extensions really have a way of brightening up your face and are a mega confidence boost! For those who don't typically wear makeup, lash extensions are a great way to get the look of eye makeup without you having to do anything other than going to your appointment!

Why See Andrea at Uptown Lashes

  • Andrea creates a completely custom look and boutique experience for each client
  • You want a perfectionist working on your eyelashes and Andrea definitely has that wonderful perfectionist quality
  • Andrea is great about giving feedback on your lash retention when you go in for fills so that if there are issues they can be quickly corrected

Final Thoughts

  • I've saved so much time day-to-day when it comes to getting ready
  • My lashes are noticeable in the best possible way and everyone always complements/wants details on where I get them done (that's why you go to someone as experienced and talented as Andrea)
  • Every day I wake up feeling beautiful and pampered which is so dang nice

So what do you think, will you give lash extensions a try? Head on over to the Uptown Lashes website and make your appointment now!

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