One Pattered Maxi Skirt 3+ Ways!

Things that can be scary:

Things that shouldn't be scary:

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I'll admit, when I first saw this skirt I had two main thoughts: "I love you!" and "Do I know how to style you?" I really wasn't sure I'd know what to pair with such a bold skirt BUT since receiving it I've worn it so many ways. I'm going to break down three super chic and easily put together options in this post. Keep an eye on my feed and stories to see the skirt styled other ways too!

1. Layer it up

This is the perfect way to wear this skirt year round and the recipe is simple:
- A basic top or bodysuit
- A jacket or coat
- Boots or heels

For this look I threw on my favorite black bodysuit from Array in Kansas City (similar here), a moto denim jacket from Nasty Gal, and some mule boots from Target last year (similar here)! This look is laid back, chic, comfortable, and easily dressed up or down. It's also great on days where it feels like winter in the morning and summer by midday (something that is essential when you're trying to survive in the Midwest)! The bodysuit is perfect year round but there are lots of other top options too for this exact same outfit:
- a crop top instead of a bodysuit in the summer
- a band tee or graphic tee in the fall worn tucked-in, tied, or tucked into your bra (seriously, that's my new fave way to wear tees right now)
- with a black turtleneck tucked in in the winter

Your outfit can stay the exact same (jacket, skirt, and shoes), just swap out the top and you have a totally different look!

2. Sweater/sweatshirt

This is a look I never thought I'd be able to pull off:
- sweatshirt/chunky sweater
- dad shoes

But, look at me, I'm pulling it off and maybe totally in love? These dad shoes (from Walmart believe it or not) are COMFY and really pop underneath the maxi skirt. You could swap these out for Converse if you're not loving the trend or get even crazier and find some neon dad sneaks for an even bolder pop! Walmart had this exact same pair of shoes too in black which would be a tad more subtle while still being 1) comfy 2) very on trend. Also, life hack for white shoes: use Oxyclean to clean them up! It seriously works - Corey has been using it on his Converse for years and it always works like a charm.

Something that has steered me away from trying this look is the fear that it would detract from my waist. I always worry silhouettes like this will just make me look really big and blobby. But, by using my new favorite tuck-your-top-into-your-bra-trick, it looks pretty dang flattering and put together! The trick really is just that you tuck the bottom edge of your sweater/sweatshirt up into your bra in the front. It's that easy! This sweatshirt is from H&M (out of stock online, another fun option here) and I just love how simultaneously cozy and chic it is. The glittery detail on the letters definitely helps make it more feminine but, overall, I think it'd be a cute look with or without the sparkle!

Some other ideas on tops you could wear and achieve the same look:
- a basic sweatshirt tucked or tied
- a cropped sweatshirt that's basic or has a cute graphic/logo
- a collegiate sweatshirt with a school seal or your favorite team logo/name

3. Back to basics

When it doubt, go with a classic look!
- tailored/form fitting sweater
- felt Panama hat
- ankle boots (bonus points if they're white or add a pop of color)

This is a very safe outfit for me - I love wearing fitted sweaters, heels, and hats! When I got this skirt, this was one of the first ways I envisioned wearing it (which is why I picked the Chicwish Glam V-neck Ribbed Top in white during my Chicwish collab too). It's simple but feminine and oh-so perfectly suited for fall or winter. I also had to bust out my favorite white JustFab Katherine Slingback Booties too. They're such a perfect, bright pop with the skirt and really make the outfit feel chic! Basically any fitted sweater would look lovely with this skirt - I have some Target options I'm dying to pair it with as well! I snagged my hat in the Target Dollar Spot earlier this fall but this hat is super similar and has amazing reviews! You could also really punch up the look by picking a colorful hat or some pumps too!

See? That wasn't so painful! And now you have like 15 more ways you can wear that patterned skirt you're not so sure about!

Happy styling!

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