Betty Rae's River Market Preview Party!

Betty Rae's Ice Cream is making Delaware Street even sweeter starting August 29th with their new River Market location! Corey and I had the chance to check out the space during their preview party recently and it was absolutely delicious.

If you've ever driven by Betty Rae's Waldo location you have seen how popular this ice cream joint is - the line regularly goes out the door and into the parking lot! I'm lucky and am equidistant from both locations so delicious ice cream is always easy to access. Betty Rae's is known for their delicious (and slightly zany) ice cream flavors. Currently they're scooping:

Joe's KC Burnt Ends & Smoke; London Fog & Tea Cakes; Goat Cheese, Apricots, & Candied Walnuts; Cereal Milk; S'mores; Peanut Butter; Jasmine Green Tea; Vanilla Bean; Creme Brulee Caramel; Cinnamon; Cookies & Cream; Razz Blue; Brown Butter & Toasted Pecans; Passion Fruit Creamsicle; Mint & Chocolate Cookie; Thou Mayest Coffee; Chocolate Brownie; Chocolate; Strawberry; Strawberry Cheesecake; Lavender Honey; Pink Lemonade; Non-dairy Chocolate; Vegan Vanilla; Peach Pie; Banana Colada Sorbet

There are several things about the Betty Rae's River Market location that I already love:

- It's right on the KC Streetcar path!
- It's super close to some of the best dinner spots in KC including Tribe KC, Il Lazzerone, Freestyle Poké, and The Farmhouse.
- The City Market is just down the road so you can go get your fresh veggies and then immediately go and get your daily serving of frozen dairy!
- There's a super cute outdoor space and lots of other seating options throughout the River Market area. If you go half a block south on Delaware Street there's an area with pretty lights and picnic tables that's perfect for summer night ice-cream consumption.
- The outside of Betty Rae's is beautifully decorated with colorful graffiti art by and social activist and artist JT Daniels.
- The inside has photo ops galore! Between the pastel pipe artwork on the walls, the curated album collection (all themed around Kansas, Missouri, and ice cream), and the tropical wallpaper I couldn't stop taking pictures!
- THEY ALSO HAVE A PHOTO BOOTH! And the photo booth has the same lovely wallpaper as the background. Lexi of Funny Little Fairytale and I couldn't stop taking pics in there (and cracking up because we struggled to figure out where the camera was while taking the pictures which led to some great outtakes)!

Are you an ice cream lover? What's your favorite Betty Rae's flavor? Comment below or over on Instagram and share!

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