Master Bedroom Refresh

I hate when I pick out a room color and end up not loving it. This happened a couple of years ago when we decided to paint out bedroom a super dark green. I didn't mind the color, but I wanted it to be a more black-green as opposed to the jewel-toned green instead. Like I said, it wasn't bad but it wasn't we'd been hoping for. After two years of living with the color, I decided to go the absolute opposite direction courtesy of a gallon of primer and two gallons of Behr's Ultra Pure White paint. Poor Corey.
Before and after!

We learned a few things:
- When covering a dark color, go ahead and use two coats of primer especially if you can still see the original color through areas after you initially apply the primer.
- Always buy more paint than you think you'll need (especially if you didn't have to tint the paint) because it's the worst to run out of paint when you're almost done and the store is closed.
- The areas you need to cut in with a brush almost always need more coats than areas where the paint was rolled on (ex. corners, along the ceiling, along the baseboard).
- It will be so, so worth it once you're all done and you love the color even if it takes 4+ coats of paint and primer.
The moment I started to regret every decision I'd ever made in my life.
All in all, the refresh ended up looking even better than we could have hoped. We kept almost everything the same decor-wise but did add a few framed photos from Hobby Lobby to the area above our bed. Across from the bed we're adding a picture ledge for some additional architectural photos and wedding pics! And, most importantly, we got the most amazing new pillows which you can find here. They're not too soft, not too firm, and don't deflate totally when you lay on them - I've never slept better!
Vintage Doors Framed Print (I did have a link but it isn't working anymore. This print was in the same area as the other two black and white prints I got from Hobby Lobby linked below!)
Succulent Framed Print
Cactus Framed Print
Light Blue Door & Pink Wall Framed Wall Decor
Ikea Picture Ledge
I was so surprised by just how different it feels in there even with the majority of our decor staying the same. It's easier to wake up in the morning because it's so bright and the light plays beautifully across the new white walls. Everything feels cleaner which makes me feel  so much more relaxed whenever I go into our bedroom. Overall, I couldn't be any happier with the change! It was exactly the fresh, springtime makeover we needed!
Have you made any home changes lately? Are there any projects that you're planning? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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