Whole Foods KC Grand Opening

It's Wednesday, May 23 and that means it's the grand opening of Whole Foods KC! Located right next to UMKC, the Trolley Track Trail, adjacent to the Country Club Plaza, and about five minutes from our house, I expect Whole Foods KC to be my new go-to grocery store and happy hour location.
And yes, I did say happy hour because Whole Foods KC also has a full-service bar called The Fountain Room where Happy Hour deals go from 4 - 7 pm Monday - Saturday and 2 - 10 pm on Sunday. I had the opportunity to scope the new store out during their Pre-Opening Party and, trust me, you are not going to want to miss out!

First things first, what do you wear to a grocery store Pre-Opening Party? I opted for a grid pattern ruffle sleeve shirt, jeans with a side stripe detail, and espadrille wedges. The top is one of my favorites because the grid pattern is actually green - I love the subtle accent of color! You can shop my whole look at this link. I couldn't find the top online in straight sizes however it should be available in store at Forever 21!
The aesthetic of Whole Foods KC is really incredible, especially when you remember it's a grocery store. Everywhere there's beautiful typography, delicious food, and a cohesive art deco vibe. Never in my life would I have thought I would want a grocery store's decor to be my home decor but they've changed my mind! There are quite a few different indoor and outdoor seating areas that are perfect for sipping cocktails, snacking on some macarons, or fueling up on coffee before knocking out your grocery list.
Another really exciting thing about Whole Foods KC is their wide selection of grab-and-go food! Corey and I tend to get super busy during the week between work, blogging, video game streaming, and his grad program. Having the option to pop by the grocery store and grab a healthy, prepared meal is so exciting (and so much better than a fast food run)! Some of their carryout options include sushi, pizza, salad, soup, poke, seafood salads, pastries, smoothies, cakes, desserts, and cold-pressed juice and smoothies. Another fun on-the-go feature of Whole Foods KC is that they have a walk-up window where you can pick up a quick coffee, cold brew, tea, or espresso drink from Allegro Coffee Bar. They also give out dog treats for our furry Whole Foods KC devotees.
Whole Foods KC has made a very conscious effort to include locally sourced products throughout the store. From locally sourced J. Rieger Distillery spirits to Zum body soaps to Christopher Elbow chocolates, KC and Midwest based brands are displayed predominately in each section of the store. They actually have over 1000 products that are grown, made, or produced in Missouri or Kansas. I love having access to so many local brands all in one store. It turns grocery shopping into a great opportunity to invest in our community!
I'm so excited to welcome Whole Foods KC to our neighborhood with open arms. The opportunity to attend the Pre-Opening Party was awesome and I really enjoyed learning more about the store and witnessing the care and thought put into everything they've done. I can't wait to make Whole Foods KC my regular grocery store!
Are you planning on checking out Whole Foods KC soon?  If you got to go on opening day I'd love to hear about it!

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