Snowy Brunch at Aviary Cafe

Aviary Cafe has been at the top of my brunch bucket list for years now. I remember walking by this airy little downtown cafe back when I lived in Springfield (10 years ago, sheesh) and always wanting to pop in! Well a couple of weeks ago I was in the area for my cousin's wedding and thought it was high time that I stopped by. I called up my Aunt Carolyn and cousin, Christina, then braved the cold for a snowy Monday brunch.

Friday Favorites - Flu Edition

Influenza has finally infected The Austen Abode and with Missouri being the epicenter of the epidemic it was really only a matter of time. Corey was talking with his mom Tuesday night and she told him that the schools in Boonville, MO (his home town) had to close because 70% of the students and faculty were sick. This stuff is nasty!

Last Friday I thought I was starting to come down with a cold and had the normal sneezing/runny nose/tiredness going on. By Sunday I'd developed a cough and by Monday my symptoms had converged leaving me a red-eyed, phlegmy disaster. Monday evening I finally checked my temperature and surprisingly had a fever. By sheer coincidence, I had an appointment scheduled with my general practitioner for the next morning. Talk about great timing - I'd made the appointment a month and without the slightest clue I'd be sick when I went! My doctor was awesome and quickly strapped a face mask on me, did a quick flu test, and confirmed that I did have Type A Influenza. They put me on Tamiflu and also prescribed Corey a prophylactic dose of Tamiflu to reduce his of contracting the virus. The doctor also said that I need to get lots of rest and fluid as well as quarantine myself till Sunday. Not the way I thought my week was going to go!

So, considering the fact that almost everyone is battling some sort of illness right now, I thought I'd do a little Flu Edition of my Friday Favorites! 

Favorite Things You Can Buy:

A Note on Self-Care + Forever 21 Athleisure Deals

If you're just here for the fabulous Forever 21 deals, no judgement here! Feel free to skip my little self-care blurb at the beginning and jump right to the cute clothes. And no, this post isn't sponsored - I'm just really into epic sales!
Self-care means different things to different people. It can look like biweekly manicures, attending yoga classes, or just taking time to enjoy your favorite hobby. Self-care is by no means a new concept and actually dates back to the Ancient Greeks (as discussed in this NPR article). While some feel that self-care is a bit, well, selfish, others feel that it helps promote emotional intelligence. You can read more about self-care here, here, and here!