2018 Refresh Weekly Planner Review

There's something about the chaos of the holidays and the quickly approaching new-year that really gets me motivated to systemize, streamline, and organize all the things. I'll spend hours wandering the retail aisles and scouring the internet to find the next calendar year's best and most innovative planners that promise to finally fix my unkempt life. Although I haven't found anything that can instantaneously implement that change through a simple credit card swipe, I have discovered the next best thing: The 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner by J.Lynn Designery
Make sure to check out this entire post for my planner review as well as info on how to get free domestic shipping on J.Lynn Designery orders AND a free pen set! Talk about the perfect opportunity to get a great deal, support a small business, and get some of that holiday shopping out of the way from the comfort of your own home! Thanks so much to Jenna of J.Lynn Designery for supplying her 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner to help me write this post today! All of the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Fall Looks by Roe Blvd

Fall is upon us and for Kansas City that means that the temperature can either be below freezing or downright muggy with absolutely no warning. With weather this fickle, it's essential to have wardrobe pieces that can transition quickly and fashionably from steamy summer to below freezing. Luckily, Midwest based online boutique Roe Blvd has a wide variety of pieces to choose from so you can build out your perfect transitional wardrobe! Thanks to Roe Blvd for providing the clothing in the post and make sure to read this post to the end for even more of my favorite pieces from this boutique. All the opinions in this post are my own.
One of my favorite parts of moving into the fall season is reintroducing rich, saturated hues back into my day to day. Although I do tend to stay in the light/bright/neutral color families with my wardrobe, having some beautiful jewel toned pieces to incorporate is a really fun way to mix things up!