Très Chic Faux Fur Look

Well just when I mentioned it being unseasonably warm lately, it snowed.
 Not a big snow, more of a dusting, and honestly I couldn't complain. We haven't had very much snow at all over the past couple of years and I've missed it. There's something about a blanket of snow covering everything that feels so fresh and clean.
Corey and I spent our snowy day at one of our favorite places, at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art exploring the new Bloch Galleries (find my blog post about the new exhibit here)!
The other reason I wasn't all that upset about the snow is because it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite winter coat again! I know I name a lot of favorites on here but seriously, this piece is amazing. I found it on clearance at Forever 21 right before Christmas and Corey insisted I buy it. I actually ended up wearing it for Christmas with a fabulous sleeveless turtleneck midi bodycon dress from Target and felt incredibly classy. When you find a piece this perfect, you don't pass it up!

Do you ever have those pieces you dig out of the back of your closet and can't believe you still own? That was me when I found this mock neck top. I bought it years ago from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe, I'm not sure which, and have hung onto it this long. Sometimes it pays to horde clothes!
Jeans here similar boots here + here
I liked the idea of contrasting my black coat with both a light top and light colored pair of jeans, so I turned to my trusty Jordache high-waisted jeans and felt perfectly pulled together! I also added a gray belt from H&M and my favorite black ankle boots from Kohl's to keep with the contrasted feel.
Watch here
For a finishing touch, I added this amazing brushed gold and tan leather watch. Originally I bought it as a Valentine's Day gift for Corey (with the added perk of it being unisex) and hadn't tried it on until I put this outfit together! It surprisingly fits both of us so well and is incredibly comfortable. It's also a total steal at $17! I would absolutely recommend this watch as a gift (or as a gift to yourself)!
And voila! A lovely cozy winter look that is super easy to put together and tres chic! I wore this outfit to opening weekend of The Block Galleries at The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and it was definitely a hit. If you haven't checked out my blog post on the Nelson, definitely give it a look! The Nelson is an amazing (and free) place to visit in Kansas City and the new galleries are exquisite. Plus, there are so many gorgeous places to take pictures!
What winter looks did you break out during this cold and snowy spurt of weather? Did you get to wear any pieces you thought would be retired till next winter? Tag me in your pictures on Instagram at @annie_austen and leave a comment below!
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