Bubbly + Bowties

If you're looking for a party with the most stylish Kansas Citians, Bubbly + Bowties is it.
This year's KC Fashion week kickoff soiree took place at r24 studios, a lavishly furnished space where custom furniture, lighting, and artwork is created.

Très Chic Faux Fur Look

Well just when I mentioned it being unseasonably warm lately, it snowed.
 Not a big snow, more of a dusting, and honestly I couldn't complain. We haven't had very much snow at all over the past couple of years and I've missed it. There's something about a blanket of snow covering everything that feels so fresh and clean.
Corey and I spent our snowy day at one of our favorite places, at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art exploring the new Bloch Galleries (find my blog post about the new exhibit here)!
The other reason I wasn't all that upset about the snow is because it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite winter coat again! I know I name a lot of favorites on here but seriously, this piece is amazing. I found it on clearance at Forever 21 right before Christmas and Corey insisted I buy it. I actually ended up wearing it for Christmas with a fabulous sleeveless turtleneck midi bodycon dress from Target and felt incredibly classy. When you find a piece this perfect, you don't pass it up!

The Bloch Galleries

Do you ever find yourself forgetting about the amazing things that surround you? 
When you live in the middle of a city, it's even easier to be out of touch.
The first time I went to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was on an elementary school field trip. I had learned about the Impressionists in school and fell in love with Claude Monet's work. When we got to the museum, I was beyond myself with excitement - I was about to see an actual painting by my favorite artist and couldn't get to one of his works quick enough. I remember how excited I was when I found that first painting - Monet himself had painted that exact work of art with his own hands. That piece had traveled through time, across continents, and now resided mere miles from where I lived. It was absolutely incredible.

Black + White + Plaid All Over

Lately, winter hasn't been very wintery.
Similar dress here + here
Not that I'm complaining at all, especially since it's lead to some outfit combos I've never worn before! For this look I started with one of my favorite dresses I bought last summer from H&M. It's so comfortable and lightweight which makes it a great piece to layer with in winter. The pattern on the dress is either feathers or ferns, I'm not completely sure!