Layered Pattern Clash Look

Photos by Tay Daliese
It's easy to get stuck in a style rut. 
The same old outfits day in, day out. Wearing the same pieces together over and over.
To break out of my rut, I've tried a new trend - pattern clashing. You've probably seen it before - putting stripes with polka dots, leopard print with florals. 

Mixing unexpected patterns is one of the best ways to refresh and revive your wardrobe - you'll definitely end up with a look you've never worn before!

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For this look, I started with the basics: a cozy white sweater from Old Navy, burgundy body-con 
skirt from Forever 21, black tights from Target, and gray ankle boots from Kohl's. 

Winter can be the worst when you don't get to show off what's underneath all your cozy outerwear, so I focused on picking basic pieces that would stand out under all the layers! Adding a pop of color with the color of the skirt really helped add a pop of fun to build on.
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The next step is adding a piece of outerwear that really pops! I snagged this fantastic jacket at H&M last year for only $10. Can you believe that? I love the subtle pattern and it's neutral tones.
It definitely makes it much easier to mix and match!
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To make the pattern clash happen I added one more piece, a plaid blanket scarf. This scarf was only $7 in the dollar section of Target earlier this winter. I had been looking for a scarf like this for forever (and may or may not have bought the same scarf in three different colors when I made the find).

So, how do you know what patterns work well together? The two main factors to keep in mind are scale and color. In this outfit, the diamond print of the jacket is relatively small in scale compared to the large plaid pattern. By picking two patterns with contrasting scales, they don't compete and stay complementary. Each of the patterned pieces also pull tones from the other parts of the outfit creating a cohesive look.
Photos by Tay Daliese
Another fun way to get into pattern clashing is to keep all of the colors in the outfit relatively the same or neutral and then play with combining two different prints. For example, mixing a black and white small polka dot top with a large scale plaid jacket. By keeping the colors similar the pieces will contrast less and create a softer look. This method is great if you're nervous about mixing patterns because it creates a tad less contrast but still adds a lot of interest to your look!

So, what do you think about pattern clashing?
Do you think you might try it in your wardrobe to freshen things up a bit?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments (or on Instagram or Facebook)!

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