Dog Park Bliss

You know the best place in the world to go on a bad day?

The dog park.
Seriously, this place might beat out Disneyland when it comes to being the happiest place on earth.

When we got Finnegan last year we had to find a way to burn his energy and started looking for off-leash places to take the puppers. We were really excited to find Penn Valley Off Leash Dog Park so close to our house and decided to give it a try!
Teaka had never really been to a dog park before (we didn't think it'd be her jam) but even when she's not playing with the other dogs she seems to really enjoy being able to roam and sniff to her heart's content! Finnegan literally doesn't stop running from the second we get there till the second we manage to catch him to leave. He's the unofficial park greeter and loves to zoom up to every single dog in the whole place. It's a little ridiculous.

I know it looks pretty dreary in the pictures (it is still winter out!) but trust me, this place is one of the best day-off destinations for dog-lovers. The location is primo - just down the street from The National WWI Museum and Monument and only a few blocks from Union Station and Downtown. Not only do you get to play with pups but you get to take in the view too! 

Is there a better combination than that? I haven't found one.
 Don't have a doggo of your own? No one will judge (or probably even notice)! You can totally get your pup fix out here, meet cool locals, and do some KC exploring afterward. Sounds like the perfect weekend adventure to me!
 One of our favorite things about going to the dog park has been all the awesome people we've met. It's really fun to start recognizing faces (both canine and human) and learn more about their lives. We've actually met neighbors at the dog park that we may not have gotten to know otherwise (even though we only live a few houses away)!
 So, if you're a pup parent looking for a way to get rid of some of your furry kid's energy or just a fellow dog lover, check out Penn Valley Off Leash Dog Park!
P.S. DON'T DRESS UP. Seriously. Dogs will probably jump on you and you will want to enjoy it so just wear whatever you don't mind getting a little dirt on. Clothes'll wash, right? 

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